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Ahh…If only you could actually wear underwear in October

Welcome to the month of feet, washing machines and Lasagne, (well according to this calendar anyway).  I may not be able to speak French but even I know that there are 31 days in October. How dare they shaft us out of Halloween, the almost best day of the year!

…After the anger I hope you love this little illustration as much as I do. Press here for more of the same.


Here is an Elephant on Fire

Taken from a French children’s book entitled ‘Les Contraires’; meaning opposites. The book demonstrates opposites in a number of humorous and often strange ways. The elephant is the key character, he is used as a to represent the concept of  ‘big’. But as it turns out that is not all he is used for, he is also used to show the differences in this list of things: square, round, hairy, feathery, rocky, flat and (as seen below) on fire and not on fire. It is certainly refreshing to see a new way to teach children opposites, even if they are, bizarre to say the least. To see all these other opposites I have just listed click here.

These opposites are translated to mean “Lit” and “Extinguished.”

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