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Thick Skinned

I adore these inside-out teddys. Especially the bear one, he looks so pissed off. Although if someone turned my skin inside out I’d be pretty pissed off too. I have found the most amazing website on these ‘experiments’ which I shall put together in a post later on today. Keep an eye out for it, unless it fell out, then don’t.


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2 thoughts on “Thick Skinned

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  2. Rose Petals on Rock on said:

    You have a very dark, cool edge. Definitely cool. Inside out teddy bears. Yes, that’s my kind of thing. A pink one, that would be awesome. An inside out pink angry looking teddy bear. Crap, you’ve got thousands of views so you probably won’t even know I’m alive. Oh well. I’ll crawl back under my rock.

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