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night swimming, deserves a quiet night

So my thinking behind this post was “It is night” and “I’m going for a swim tomorrow”. That and I fancied listening to R.E.M, a band that I’ve loved since I was about four.

The picture above is by Rob Hogdson.  Here is a link to his site I have blogged about him before, to view these posts just click on his name in the ‘Tag’ section. I think he is great, as you may have guessed. This one is particularly lovely, and peaceful which works perfectly with the song (that, and the fact they share the same title).

I have lots to tell about my day today, in particular a story about mishaps with a fish eye, camera that is! But alas it is late and no-one is up, so I’ll conceal my excitement until tomorrow. Till then my friends, till then. *replays song*


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