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I think it’s more than 15 tonight Amelie…



Sexy Ghost

Here is another one of my weird themes they come in threes. You’ve seen the milkshake memes and the fireman sketches, now time for the sexy ghosts. [My brain doesn’t work the same as most, bare with me.]

Can’t remember where I found the first two but the last one is by Kaye Blegvad, whom you will see more of as this blog continues.
Look here for¬†her website¬†(don’t worry it’s not all ghost related).

Goodnight all, and don’t have nightmares, unless they’re sexy ones. In which case proceed.

A kiss from Tokyo

Artwork by Kevin Dart. The graphic novel style works well with the 60’s look. I have a few more of Dart’s to post later, but I wanted this post to be purely about Yuki 7; The female¬†protagonist¬†(as seen below), kicking ass and looking fly whilst doing it. With the ever-so-slightly-obvious nod to James Bond himself. I wish this was more.

For more on Mr.Dart look no further.

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