my brain on a page

Mad Men on Mars

Well hello there, I greet you with this rather suave looking alien thing. This picture looks like a pitch for a show called ‘Mad Men’ on Mars. The colour scheme is very typical of Ben Newman, Newman is metaphorically like one of those bands you can always recognise on the radio. I don’t mean that in a bad way, there is defiantly something to be said of an artist, having a ‘trait’ and a recognisable style. Plus he normally has bad ass colour schemes.

I hope you’ll are having a great Friday. I am getting nervous as I have a poetry reading tomorrow at the Shuffle. Six people are coming to see me including my dad, sister and long lost cousin, which is nerve racking to me as it will be the first time they will see me read. It’s especially embarrassing as most the poems in my collection are about my dad robbing banks. No-eye-contact-allowed. I may just have to introduce him as a distant relative. Anyway, I am gonna try to film the reading so look forward to a little snippet of me making a fool of myself on stage. It should be posted in the next few days. My soon-to-be-new alias is ‘Crime Poet’, as my friend insists I be.


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