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Peter Pan

Last night I watched ‘Peter Pan’ for the first time as an adult. And I have come to the realisation that Peter Pan is a bit of a brat! I was actually left feeling sorry for Captain Hook, after all the poor guy had his hand cut off and thrown to a crocodile. Never-the-less I think it is one of Disney’s underrated greats. So I Thought I’d share some cool artwork I found of Peter Pan and his adventures.

I also watched ‘Hook’ this week (yes, I was in a nostalgic mood) and that is fantastic too. For those who have not seen it, or who have not seen it in a while you must watch again and again. It’s like taking a holiday to childhood.

Below these illustrations are the names of the artists in order of appearance. Click on their names to visit websites where you view more of their work.

1) Brittney Lee
2) Amanda Visell
3) Mary Blair 


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