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I’m dreaming of a white Easter

Hello people and a happy snow Saturday to you.

I hope you all enjoyed World Poetry Day day on Thursday! To celebrate the day here is an Incorrect Sylvia Plath quote, click on the quote to see more hilarious misquotes.

“You sound jealous and poor.”

— Sylvia Plath


Lion Friday

For some reason Lions remind me of the summertime. Maybe because I’m a Leo born in the summer, not that I listen to star signs, but subliminally I have linked the two. Also Lions are yellow and have a face like the sun. Haha, that line sounds like something a child would say! Anyway here are some cool little ones I’ve collected along the way.

Artists are listed below the illustrations in order of appearance. Unfortunately two of the three don’t have an artificial website, but I have linked to Google Image search so you wont be missing out. I hope you are having a great day people. x

 1) Kristyna Litten
2) Roger Duvoisin
3) Ed Emberley

boats are fun (part 1)

I found this really cool website that had this wonderful array of illustrations, with the theme of boats. I have chosen my favourite few to show you guys. Alternatively you could just skip out the middle man (i.e me) and look at the original post here. Kudos to Shelly Davies, she has a really cool website.

Anyway back to the boats. I love how varied they all are, each illustrator has a different style which makes for interesting viewing 😉

I have labelled each artist (in order of appearance) at the end of this post, just click on their names to view their sites. Look out for more to come…

1) Clemens Habicht
2) Elaine Pamphilon
3) Roger Duvoisin
4) Blexbolex

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