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I apologise for my soppiness in advance

It’s half 10 and I’m snug in my kitty cat designed PJs. I saw this and thought it was very apt; but also it has changed my life forever… This revolutionised the way I give compliments. It is the perfect combination of cute and thoughtfulness with a sprinkle of twee. Which is not to everyone’s taste, but I like it when people are a little twee sometimes.

I don’t say it enough to you guys but “you’re the cat’s Pyjamas”.  ❤

I am very much gonna use that in everyday convrsation now. It beats the crudeness of  “you’re the dog’s bollocks”, any day. Hope you guys enjoyed my little share and pass the compliment on if you get the chance, you never know you might make someone’s day!

Unless they hate cats. Then don’t.

Emily Martin (The Black Apple)


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