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Intense Eye Contact

Morning world, hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday. I would be if I didn’t have a blasted cold all weekend. Being housebound, I have been trying to find things to cheer me up, and this little fellow was one of them. *spoiler* Plus the fact that someone with the name ‘Ricky Martin’ won ‘The Apprentice’. I find that incredibly silly. Anyway I thought I’d share his little face with you, the bird that is not Ricky Martin.

What is this thing? I hear you ask, well I didnt know at first, I had saved him on my computer years ago. But I google searched his image to find that he, is in actual fact, a laptop sleave. If you are vaguely interested it that kinda stuff then I have the link.

I think he is cute and would like to own him. But alas, I have no moneys. He is he best as a staring competition buddy, but I have a feeling I wont win, his eyes are intense… Must. Not. Look. Away. Dammit! I blinked.


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