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“with all the roar of the sun”

[I don’t know why I put the title in quotation marks, it was only me who said it].

Beautiful, beautiful day in London. Don’t just look at my blog, get out there into the sun. That is what I am gonna do. Gonna hop into a kayak later and bob away till it’s late.

This little gem above is by a Rilla Alexander, I thought it was perfect for today as it’s the first bit of summer we have had. I love his lion slash sun face. To see more on Alexander please click here to visit their site. Otherwise,  get your sunnies on, a pair of shorts and go strut yourself about. Have fun in the sun, see you later…


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2 thoughts on ““with all the roar of the sun”

  1. It was so nice today! So glad summer is nearly upon us 🙂

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