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“tweeting is not just for twitter”

Good morning early birds, just thought I’d share with you some neat illustrations I found, on birds. (You didn’t think I crow-barred that bird reference in for no reason, did you?) And here they are in their full glory. I tried to choose a variety of different illustrations, so you could recognise each artist as individual, lets see if it’s worked:

As always, the artists are labelled below (in order of appearance). Just click on their names to view their sites:

Gervais Merryweather
Dante Terzigni
Lotta Nieminen

Thank you for checking out my blog today, here is a little joke I found to show my my appreciation:

What has four wheels, two wings, and flies? 
A bird…I was lying about the wheels.

Okay, silly joke, but it made me smile. Have a great day people.


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