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Skull Spoons

Note: The alliterative title wasn’t intentional, ‘slug sunday’ and ‘skull spoons’ are just my brain making subconscious connections and patterns. Taha, my brain is like an unattended attic of lost or unwanted belongings…

On to the Spoon
They obviously wouldn’t function as usable spoons, soup would be off the menu for a very long time. But how curious this little things are. I do have a fascination with skulls, mainly Mexican-day-of-the-dead-skulls, but these are cool too. These spoons are vintage silver-plate  made into skulls by the artist Tom Sale aka Pinky Diablo. His wife Dolly Python, talks about the spoons connotation to death:

“We should be reminded of death, not be afraid of it. Maybe even laugh at it every now and then.”

As much as I agree with that statement I think Sale designed the spoons with something eerier in mind. The identical mark to on the right of the skull, (hypothetically speaking), suggests that some sort of foul play, perhaps even murder. Creepy thought. Although I am going a bit over board, they are just pieces of silver, and I am not on CSI Miami.

Mr. Sale has a website where he sells these spoons, there isn’t much information on there but if you are interested look here to see it. On a cheerier note the site does have this little quote from Sale/Pinky which I’ll leave you guys on:

Pinky says “Love your skeleton–she’s what holds you up!”

Goodnight folks, and don’t have nightmares. x


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3 thoughts on “Skull Spoons

  1. These are very cool, the difficulty with soup and possibly rice crispy’s sprang to mind straight away. though they’re use in life is probably just decorative. I keep up with your blog everyday- always impressed.

  2. I love these! I suspect they are absinthe spoons, used for holding a sugar cube as water is slowly dripped over it and into the drink. These are the best ones I’ve ever seen! A fantastic find xx

  3. I didn’t think about that use, good spot! and thanks for the compliment, it’s nice to know someone out there takes the time to look at my findings.

    Also, on the spoons, you can actually buy them if you really like them, but they are kinda expensive. xx

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