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and now for our more dreadful sacrifice

Before I forget I want to also post this. It is Rob Hodgson homage to the film Wicker Man. I think the lines in this illustration work perfectly to create a raw and powerful mood. I especially like the print marks that look like smoke. It really embodies the feelings of sadness and loss. Below I have linked Hodgson own comments on this piece and the film.

“I love the original Wicker Man. It has everything. The story is amazing and frustrating and dark. There are amazing animal costumes. There are gruesome Lynchian characters. It’s the only film soundtrack I listen to; it sounds like Beirut if they were Scottish heathens. I drew this mono print while I was thinking about it all, but I ended up drawing the most obvious thing, I guess it’s all there already in the film.” Rob Hodgson.


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