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Some one else who appreciates my love for Being Elmo. It’s nice to see. x

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Being Elmo : an inspirational film

Last night I went to see the wonderful documentary Being Elmo at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton. I had booked a ticket to go and see this film ( and Q & A session ) a week previously and I had been eagerly anticipating this event. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

I laughed, I connected emotionally with the puppeteer and star of the documentary Kevin Clash  and yes, I cried but not from sadness but from sheer joy.  It was a truly marvellous film.I wasn’t alone, the cinema was packed and everyone there was clearly feeling the love.

To witness a film respecting the silly, regarding the seriousness of the craft and paying tribute to the massively important role that puppets and a good puppeteer can play in imparting a basic human connection ( in Elmo’s case giving out hugs) was genuinely moving for…

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  1. Thank you so much for the re blog. As a puppeteer myself, I found this documentary quite profound . It’s something that has been long overdue in this world full of drama and negativity.

  2. No problem, I noticed I was tagged under your post and I thought I was great that someone else liked the film. So glad it is finally out, I watched it in January, in Australia at a passing festival so had no-one to talk to about it. Have you seen this:


    I am constantly singing this song in my head. Love Jim Henson!

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