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match stick men

A collection of match box cover that I found, the one directly above was the first one, I think they are great. This is so much more interesting then just having a label or a brand name. The hedgehog is my favourite. I think I may develop a theme for this, post collections that I find aesthetically pleasing, such as stamps, dice and cards. Although I need to do some serious searching before any of this will materialise. Me and the boy already have an amazing collection of cards that I want to share with you, some, see through, some in French and some with stick men fighting. I guess we play a lot of shit head.

Update: Just been told by my wonderful Czech friend, that the fourth matchbox down reads:  Save the forests, collect paper. Good to know what I am posting, lol.


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2 thoughts on “match stick men

  1. i love this. spectacular! good job

  2. Thank you. Nice to hear feedback 🙂

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