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Learning is Fun

Click on picture to embiggen (see in high resolution). 

Ben Newman‘s ‘Solar System’ print is both factual and spell bounding. I love  learning  about the universe, normally from watching Futurama and listening to my ultra nerd boyfriend eagerly recite findings about quantum physics. I am a massive sci-fi geek.

I posted this because I am up very late, and this is what I think of in the small hours of night. The stars, the universe and what it all means… ahh could go on for hours. I hope I have triggered some profound thoughts in all you non-sleepers out there. Having a cold, for me, is like being jet lagged, I just sleep when my body tells me to. So goodnight for now and I can’t tell you when our next encounter will be. Trust No-one.

[Link to Newman from previous post, click his name to visit his website.]


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