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The Dark and Dry

I have so much love for Fed Blunt. I was flicking through his site and saved almost every illustration he did. The thing that makes his stand out, is that he adds his own personality into his work. He doesn’t shy away from including his dry, dark sense of humour. I like brave illustrators; he who dares, wins. My philosophy is, you are not gonna please everyone all of the time, in fact people don’t like you for trying too hard, so why try? Just be yourself, it takes the pressure off and it that means being a little risqué then so be it! I am trying to train myself to care less about what people think and its refreshing to see someone be honest about themselves in there work. I have a wealth of images to show you regarding Mr. Blunt, but for now I’ll leave you with one that tickled me.

Another circus themed picture, I seem to be making a bit of a habit of this. Blunt’s blog is waiting for a ponder.


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One thought on “The Dark and Dry

  1. sooooooo delicious

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